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November 8-10, 2018 at 7 pm

November 10, 2018 at 1 pm


Dulles State Office Building
Watertown, NY

Tickets available at Sherwood Florist, online here and at the box office one hour prior to curtain.

Book by Thomas Meehan
Music by Charles Strouse
Lyrics By Martin Charmin


Annie: Olivia Urf
Molly: Lexi Zehr
Pepper: Adelyne Jareo
Duffy: Zoey Anderson
Kate: Delaney Anderson
July: Anna Ramage
Tessy: Cecil Velez
Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks: Christopher Autote
Miss Agatha Hannigan: Ticia Aumell
Grace Farrell: Emily Ossola
Daniel “Rooster” Hannigan: David Simmons
Lily St Regis: Olivia Grant
Sandy: Cyclops
Bert Healy: Juan Aguiar
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Jeph Smith
Bundles: Joel Fox
Star-To-Be: Pheobe Hall
Drake: Jake Thomas
Lt. Ward: Nick Murtha
The Boylan Sisters: Amy Johnson, Cassandra Johnson, Alaina Keruski
Fred McCracken and Wacky: Jim Yerdon
Francis Perkins: Kathleen Chevier
Mrs. Greer, Mrs. Pugh, Cecile and Annette: Tina Thompson, Kathleen Chevier, Erin Fikes, Sarah McIntosh
Dog Catcher-Christopher Hennessey
Assistant Dog Catcher – Drew Autote
Sophie and the Apple Seller: Jack Marra
SFX Man: Drew Autote
The Cabinet Members - Special Lyric family cameos

Ensemble: Amy Johnson, Cassandra Johnson, Alaina Keruski, Erin Fikes, Nick Murtha, Abby Thilges, Jen Walck, Drew Autote, Vanessa Marie Teamoh, Sarah McIntosh, Jake Thomas, Tina Thompson, Jack Marra, Jim Yeardon, Joel Fox, Kathleen Chevier, Pheobe Hall, and Juan Aguiar

Orphans: Abiann Flores, Gracie Harrison, Isabelle Newcombe, Felicity DelGrando, Jaden Pomerville, Hazel Coughlin, Ava Hanson, Sophia Shoen, Emma LaRose, Finley Swartz, Kamden Raines, Olivia Fleming, Kaylee Bolt, Hannah Trimper, Jade Coughlin